ef5 Tornado Shelters May 31, 2016

Frequently asked questions

Most Storm Shelter companies offer comparable products, so what can be the differences that EF5 Tornado Shelters offers?

EF5 Tornado Shelters believes that there are many other factors to consider when investing in your families protection from severe weather. We believe in Exceptional Customer Service with every interaction. We spend time and money on delivering the highest quality product. You always have access to the owners, we are involved with every customer. Family Owned and Family Operated. Our shelters are made right here in Oklahoma. We are involved in our Community and believe in giving back. We offer quick installation dates and look for every customer experience to be easy and stress free.

What are the details of your Warranty?

EF5 Tornado Shelters come with limited warranties.  Our Steel shelters have a limited lifetime warranty in the event of leaking, floating, or any other problem that can be from a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the shelter to the original purchaser. Our Concrete shelters have a 10 year warranty in the event of leaking.

Do you contract out your installations?

EF5 Tornado Shelters does not contract out installations. When you buy a shelter from EF5 Tornado Shelters, EF5 employees will be who do the installation in a marked vehicle at your house. We would never contract out one of the most important steps of getting a shelter!

Can I park my car or truck over the Shelter?

Yes. The In-Ground storm shelter is rated for 2 tons of weight, so you can feel confident driving over the shelter. We recommend parking your vehicle where the wheels straddle the door so that you can still get in the shelter with a car parked on top!

Can you construct a different size shelter than listed?

EF5 Tornado Shelters can custom make any size shelter that you are looking for. Both in-ground and above ground storm shelter, we have you covered. Call us Toll Free today at 844-278-6989 so that we can help you get exactly what you want!

How does air get into the shelter?

Our tornado shelters exceed FEMA requirements for ventilation so that plenty of fresh air can get in the shelter. We encourage homeowners to place a battery powered light and fan system with our in-ground garage shelters to help keep fresh air circulating.

Do we have to clean up after the installation?

At EF5 Tornado Shelters, we will clean up the work area after the installation so that it looks like we were never there. The only thing you will notice after the installation is your new shelter!

What happens if debris falls on the shelter and we cannot get out?

Some shelter companies include a device to help open the door if debris is on the shelter. The problem is that most of the time you would only move the door and the debris would fall inside the shelter once it was forced opened which could cause serious injury to the people in the shelter. If there is a substantial amount of debris and you cannot open the door, emergency personnel have the location of your registered shelter and will be on their way to help get you out.

How long does it take to install my tornado shelter?

A standard installation usually takes between 4-8 hours depending upon the composition of your soil and the size of the tornado shelter being installed.

Do you give free in-home consultations?

We will gladly set an appointment for any potential customers within 50 miles of the OKC Metro with one of our Tornado Shelter Specialists to come on site to advise you of the best location for your storm shelters.

What happens if there is rock underneath my foundation?

If we run into rock underneath your slab we will have to use a jackhammer to break up the rock. The first hour is included in your original contract price but every hour afterwards is $85 per hour.

Can there be water, sewer, sprinkler lines, or any other type of utility underneath the slab of our garage?

Per building codes there aren’t supposed to be however we have seen a few. If we run into any lines underneath the slab it is the responsibility of the homeowner to have the lines relocated.

Do I need a permit?

Many cities/counties now require you to have a building permit before you have your tornado shelter installed. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to pull the permit unless EF5 Tornado Shelters has disclosed otherwise on your contract.

How long do I have to wait before I can drive over my tornado shelter?

Concrete takes 30 days to completely cure but you can drive over the shelter in as little as 5 to 8 days.

Do you have any other questions? If so, please Contact us.